Adam, Advocate, Almighty, Alpha, Amen, Ancient of Days, Angel, Angel Of His Presence, Anointed, Apostle of our Profession, Arm of the Lord, Author and Finisher of our Faith, Author of Eternal Salvation,

Beginning of the Creation of God, Beloved Son, Blessed and only Potentate, Branch, Bread of Life, Bridegroom, Bright and Morning Star, Brightness Of The Father’s Glory, Brother, My Buckler,

Captain Of The Lord’s Host, Captain of Our Salvation, Carpenter, Carpenter’s Son, Chief Shepherd, Chiefest Among Ten Thousand, Child, Chosen Of God, Christ, Christ A King, Christ Jesus, Christ of God, Christ The Lord, Commander, Consolation of Israel, Cornerstone, Counselor, Covenant Of The People, Creator

David, Daysman, Dayspring, Day Star, Deliverer, Desire of All Nations, Door

Elect of God, Emmanuel, Ensign, Eternal Life, Everlasting Father, Everlasting God, Everlasting Light, Everlasting Strength

Faithful Witness, Faithful And True, Faithful And True Witness, Father, Father of Glory, Father of Lights, Father of Mercies, Finisher Of Our Faith, First & Last, First Begotten, First Begotten Of The Dead, Firstborn, Firstborn From The Dead, Foundation, Fountain, Forerunner, Fortress, Friend Of Sinners

Gift Of God, Glory Of Israel, Glory Of The Lord, God, God Blessed, God Manifest In The Flesh, God of All Comfort, God Of Israel, God Of The Whole Earth, God Our Saviour, God’s Dear Son, God With Us, Good Master, Good Shepherd, Governor, Great High Priest, Great Shepherd Of The Sheep

Head Of The Church, Head Of Every Man, Head Of The Corner, Heir of all Things, High Priest, Holy Child, Holy One, Holy One of God, Holy One of Israel, Holy Thing, Hope of Glory, Horn of My Salvation

I Am That I Am, Image of God, Immanuel, Israel

Jehovah, Jehovah’s Fellow, Jesus, Jesus Christ The King, Jesus Christ Our Lord, Jesus Christ Our Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus, The Son Of God, Jesus, The Son Of Joseph, Judge, Judge of Israel, Just Man, Just One, Just Person

King, King Of the Ages, King Of Glory, King Of Israel, King of the Jews, King of Kings, King Over All The Earth, King of Saints, King Of Zion

Lawgiver, Lamb Of God, Leader, Life, Light To The Gentiles, Light Of The World, Lily Of The Valleys, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Living Bread, Living Stone, Lord, Lord of All, Lord of Glory, Lord of Lords, Lord God Almighty, Lord From Heaven, Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ, Lord Christ, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Jesus Christ Our Saviour, Lord Our Righteousness, Lord Of The Dead And Living, Lord Of Glory, Lord of Hosts, Lord Of The Sabbath, Lord Over All, Lord’s Christ

Mighty In Battle, Man of Sorrows, Master, Mediator, Messenger of the Covenant, Messiah, Messiah The Prince, Mighty God, Mighty One, Mighty One Of Israel, Mighty One Of Jacob, Mighty To Save, Minister Of The Sanctuary, Most High God, Most Holy, My High Tower, Most Mighty, My Strength


Offspring Of David, Only Begotten Son, Omega, Only Wise God, Our Father, Our Hope, Our Passover, Our Peace, Overseer

Pearl of Great Price, Physician, Plant Of Renown, Possessor of Heaven & Earth, Power Of God, Precious Cornerstone, Priest, Prince, Prince of Kings, Prince of Life, Prince of Peace, Prophet, Propitiation For Our Sins, Purifier

Rabbi, Rabboni, Ransom, Redeemer, Redemption, Refiner, Refuge, Resrection and Life, Righteous Branch, Righteous Judge, Righteous Servant, Righteousness, Rock, Rock Of Offence, Root & Offspring of David, Root Of Jesse, Rose of Sharon, Ruler Of Israel

Salvation, Sanctification, Sanctuary, Saviour, Saviour Of The Body, Saviour Of The World, Sceptre, Second Man, Seed Of David, Seed of Woman, Servant, Servant Of Rulers, Shepherd, Shepherd and Bishop of Souls, Shepherd Of Israel, Shiloh, Son of the Blessed One, Son of David, Son Of The Father, Son of God, Son of the Highest One, Son of Man, Son of Righteousness, Spirit Of Prophecy, Star, Stone, Stone of Stumbling, Sun & Shield, Surety, Sure Foundation

Teacher, Thy Exceeding Great Reward, The Living Bread, Thy Shield, True God, True Light, The Truth, True Vine, The Way, The Wisdom Of God

Unspeakable Truth

Very Christ

Water of Life, Living Water, Which Is, Which Was, Which Is To Come, Wisdom, Witness, Wonderful, Word, Word of God, Word of Life, & Finally


Which Name Do You Know Him By?

Ask Him To Be Your Savoir, Or He Will Become Your Judge !